Saturday, 12 January 2013


Tamil original  : R. THANIKKODI

 Either burial or cremation  I am the doer,
 when  I do help to deload the body
 the 'ambalathar 'warns me in a harmful voice
 not to touch

 The same happened that day
 when I put the cane basket
 on the body of the half-leg Gounder
 to collect the rice poured ,
 somebody relegated me
 with the words suspected
 the physic virtue of my mother

 When I request  to raise  the cremating wage
 'Konar' says to do  the commercial sex broking
 to earn more

 What to do : What to do ?
  Up to the time
  when my son .studying with free uniform
  becomes a person with self reliance
  I should fire these bodies badly smelt
  with a firing stomach!

  Belongs to none , badly smelt
  are fired as the caste,
  but the caste is not fired:
  Nothing happens in the height
  of the persons
  firing the human lives
  Even the area of depressed
  ignores the cremater.

  Of the Lord Siva
  and of the Hanuman
  who can justify
  the trial with the fire.

   Should we fire the lives
   to get the life ?
   Should we ash the things
   to obtain the Dharma?




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