Saturday, 12 January 2013

A Song of Taps

Tamil original : R.Thanikkodi
In English       : Panneerselvan athiba

Tun tun tana tun drums of taps
It breaks the doors and jails of slaves
It turns the fire of crematorium
It finishes the tale of Format-orium
                               (  tun tun  )
The nerves of anger's heritage tights
It breaks the tradition beats by beats
The valcona blasts in eyebrow's fire
Our hands will take the rights of higher
                             (      tun tun )
Lord Siva's fore eye burns trihills
The songs of Taps will fire eight sides
It tears the names of God's disciples
Nation 'll read the vedas of Harijans
                           (      tun tun )
The Aryan folk play cheats with praise
The depressed folk play makes sunrise
Our thoughts 'll destroy the dividing lines
The Nandhan's air will stop their  lights
                             (      tun tun )

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